Monday, August 30, 2004


FUNNY JOKES !!!!!! from prankster on Porsche ! Who cares ? I still would love a Cayenne ! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Singapore Sling Vs the Mojito Mojo !

Admittedly some of us get a recurring island fever every so often, and need a break from the ant hill to venture out into the wild wild expanse of the asia pacific region. And there are certainly lots of places for island hops, great dive spots with clear blue open waters to dive with turtles and swim with dolphins and within 3 hours of this little peapods place.

But whilst we're here, let me share with you one of my favourite places for meets n eats with the local urban villagers.

Tucked in the underskirts of Richard Miers fresh white camden medical centre, in a most inappropriately unique and comfortable location is the Whitebait and Kale eatery and Deli.

"White Bait" as its fondly referred to is a fresh new place to gorge on yummy fruity desserts, banana cakes, passion fruit fizzy juices and lots more. If the Drink of Singapore is defined as the "Singapore Sling"at The Raffles hotel, the the definative drinks of this side of the Metropolis is WhiteBait's "mojito". Perhaps the Mojito won't overthrow the Sling as Singapore's premier drink, but on taste alone, I am all for the COUP D'ETAT! I am not a fan of the main courses, but the pumpkin soup and the greeny cold pea soup would have sent Oliver Twist to ask for more and more and more at the risk of several beatings..... perhaps even Oprah ( Winfrey ) would approve of this for her yummy scrummy lets-look ten-pounds-lighter-diet-regime. Afterall the owners of this little eatery weren't as courageous to place a single restaurant in a quiet low traffic space of a medical centre. Its a perfect day out for the uninitated.

How ? Well if you are from the neighbouring countries, I would suggest for you to pick one of the medical facilities for a morning appointment, then include a work out at the pilates studio run by a gregarious Italian lady, have a light lunch at Whitebait or grab a sandwich from the Deli, trot over to Tanglin mall for a spot of light shopping at the East India Company. ( Their loose linens shirts are prefect for this climate ). Set your meeting appointments at the Traders Hotel followed by working discussion at the Singapore tourism Board's swanky air-conditioned building. by evening come back to the camden medical centre for a spot of cocktails or round off your meetings with clients and associates by the "money" pot fountain in the open air atrium of the WHITEBAIT and KALE restaurant. If you want a little more local fare, the traders Hotel has a roof top restaurant, Ah Hoi's kitchen with bellowing "mist" Fans to cool off the tropical evening humidity.By ten , if you need to work off that dinner belly, a stroll along Orchard road will offer you a diverse glimpse of places to explore if you decide to extend your "Singapore Stopover". Country and western beer bars on Orchard Plaza, or an Irish Beer with crooning live bands at Muddy Murphy's or Jazz at the summer Set Bar where they serve up a selection of Cohiba's may be just the night cap to top off your evening before your next flight in the morning.