Monday, October 02, 2006

SLA : Rental of State Buildings

SLA : Rental of State Buildings

Ideas Tender Scheme
Entrepreneurs with new and innovative ideas on how State properties can be best used to fit their business strategies may see their ideas realised under SLA's Ideas Tender Scheme. The scheme, launched on 26 August 2005, aims at recognising and encouraging businessmen and entrepreneurs to pursue innovative ideas for uses of State properties.
The pilot scheme allows businessmen and entrepreneurs to provide new or alternative ideas, instead of restricting them to the pre-approved uses. SLA will not reveal the ideas submitted in the tenders. The successful tenderer's idea can only be revealed at an appropriate time after the winning tender is awarded. This scheme is in line with the First Mover Framework and it safeguards the interest of all tenderers while allowing new or alternative ideas to be considered. (The First Mover Framework was jointly announced by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Trade and Industry in December last year.) Under the new scheme, when SLA places a State property for tender, businessmen and entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit their bids to use the property for any of the approved uses. In addition, they can also submit a maximum of two alternative offers. The idea that is selected must meet planning guidelines and be approved by the competent authorities. Please click here to find out how the scheme works.
For a start, SLA has identified five State properties and a cluster of seven buildings at Dempsey Road with a wide spectrum of uses. These properties are available for rental up to nine years or less and will be available for public tender progressively. To find out which properties are under the scheme, please click here.


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