Monday, October 02, 2006

SLA-Property Information Online

SLA-Property Information Online State Property Informational Site, "IDEAS TENDER SCHEME".

How the Ideas Tender Scheme works

Similar to the usual tenders called for rental of vacant State properties, interested parties must submit their offers for a property under the Ideas Tender Scheme using SLA's tender document. Each tenderer is encouraged to submit an offer that meets the original requirements of the tender, i.e. the basic offer. In addition, the tenderer has the option to submit a maximum of two alternative uses per tender, i.e. the alternative offer(s). The alternative offer(s) submitted can be for uses not found on the prescribed list of approved uses. To guide tenderers when proposing alternative uses, SLA will provide a list of uses that do not meet technical guidelines of relevant government agencies and therefore are not likely to be approved in the tender.

For example, for a State property under the Ideas Tender Scheme that is approved for use as a student hostel and childcare centre, a tenderer can submit a basic offer for either of these uses or a combination. In addition to that, the tenderer can opt to submit alternative offers not in the prescribed list of uses, for example, for retail or spa use, or any combination of uses.

SLA will receive offers for the property for a three-week period. Several factors will be considered in evaluating tenders submitted, and these include the bid price, the use proposed by the tenderer and the track record of the tenderer. In addition, alternative offer(s) submitted will have to be cleared by the relevant authorities on the basis of several factors, including the proposed uses' proximity to residential areas, compatibility with surrounding areas and potential impact on traffic.

Those interested to view the properties under the Ideas Tender Scheme can visit SLA's State Property and Information Online (SPIO) website ( A site showaround will be conducted for every tender and this is indicated in the tender document. The document, which includes the application form, can be purchased at SLA's office for S$10.50 per copy or downloaded from the Government Electronic Business (Gebiz) website (


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